It's Rush Hour on the Adams — Book now!

Who can go?


Almost everyone! Swimming ability is not essential to enjoy our Adams River Rafting trip. (We do recommend some swimming capability for spring flow trips) General guidelines for youth are 8 yrs old and 27 kilos (60 lbs) during early spring or summer flow; and 12 yrs old and 41 kilos (90 lbs) during spring flow. Similarly, rafters with special concerns may wish to plan their trip during early spring or summer flow. We encourage telephone inquiries for info on youth or rafters with special concerns.

A note on kids and rafting:

Kids rafting with Adams River RaftingSince 1983 thousands of kids have been thoroughly delighted with our river adventures. To provide a positive and memorable experience for younger rafters we recommend they are comfortable in and around the water and with having their heads submerged when they play at the lake or the pool. We do have thermal gear for youth, however, feel free to bring their own wetsuit or fleece sweater as it may be a closer fit. We have smaller youth kneel down and hold on rather than sitting up on the side of the tube. Many kids love to kneel at the front and get thoroughly drenched! Ditto for some adults. See our photo gallery / kid shots for even more exuberant expressions.